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PDA MOD v2.0.2


– Should now hopefully NOT conflict with Marhu’s PDAfix mod.
– Page with reference prices for fill-types added.
– Great demand prices are now shown correctly.
– Package contains two extra new plugins; Vehicle-specs and Price-history.
– Changed registration method for plugins, due to ‘non-deterministic mod loading’ in multiplayer.
– Farm silo amounts in two columns, and reduced number of types a little.
– Fixed aspect ratio on fruit-icons.
– Get station-names using loaded map’s g_i18n object.
– Fixed mod image, so ‘PDA’ is spelled correctly 😉
– Initial version for FS2013.

Mod description

With this you will be able to see multiple fruits in a new Prices screen. There is also a new screen for Farm Silos and Silage Bunkers.

Another feature with this mod, is the possiblity to arrange and hide screens, so you can have just the screens you need.

Also added is a ‘plugin API’ by which other mod-scripters should be able to add additional screens/pages to the PDA – this way, it might be possible to keep the number of input-bindings/key-assignments to a minimum.

How to use it

The normal PDA key-actions do what they usually do (assuming you use the default key-assignments):

– ‘I’ switches to the next PDA screen.
– ‘9’ switches to the next sub-page, within a screen.

Hide/show and arrange screens

For the new feature of arranging and hiding screens, you will have to go into the ‘PDA Config’ screen.

The ‘PDA Config’ screen can only be activated, when the player is NOT in a vehicle and do NOT have the PDA visible. Now press and hold ‘I’ until the ‘PDA Config’ screen appears.

– Use the main ENTER-key to select/deselect an item.
– Use the arrow-keys to move up/down, left/right.
– Press I again to close the ‘PDA Config’ screen.

The changes you make here, will be saved into a PdaModConfig.XML file.

The extra plugins

Vehicle specs

When in a vehicle, this screen’s pages will show an assortment of information for the vehicle and attached implements.

Most of these informations are used when testing mods in-game, so please let me know in the support-topic if there is anything else useful to be added to this screen.

Price history

Note: This plugin is ‘singleplayer only’, and will therefore not be available in multiplayer game-sessions.

What this plugin does, is that at every hour in-game it collect all the sell-stations prices and remembers them for up to 72 hours.

Effectively it is a simple “market history”, showing the past 9 hours of prices, and what the highest/lowest prices have been during the past 72 hours.


Script: Decker_MMIV

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