Ther was a counting error which lead to wrong calculations for long streets, which was compensated somehow by GE 64 bit, but not by GE 32 bit.

the SplineStreetConstructor as a development of StreetConstructor has come ripe, that it can be tested. So you can create streets on the basis of markers on the map. These space between the markers are interpolated with the program on cubic polynomials. The functions are described in the accompanying manual (PDF) – sorry, German only .
Since there are still some improvement ideas, here first as beta version.

The parameters can be saved in INI files. To try out I have attached an INI-file and its own road textures. The INI files are compatible to the data of the StreetConstructors; the StreetConstructor-INIs can be read.

Unzip the Arciv and store it somewhere on your computer. In the mods folder it has no function, because it is a program and not a mod.


SplineStreetConstructor_1.22.exe program
Anleitung_SplineStreetConstructor_1.2.pdf manual (sorry, german only)

Strasse.ini sample inifile to try

BS_bridge02.ini Sample parameters to construct a concrete bridge
BS_bridgeEnd02.ini Sample parameters for the end of the bridge pavement

Strasse_Kuhhof3b_Source.i3d example file for markers that generate the road

Strasse_Kuhhof3b_Source.i3d.shapes shapes for it
Strasse_Kuhhof3b.i3d example file generated from the markers

Bruecke.i3d Sample for the bridge created from BS_bridge.ini
Brueckenende.i3d Sample for the bridge end created from BS_bridgeEnd02.ini Road texture with side lines road border (thanks to Fatian) concrete texture with form-board structure (e.g. for bridges)

Happy mapping and farming.


Version 1.51

– inactive border is not displayed in preview (gave errors)
– border parameters can be loaded separately (save as before only whole set of parameters)
– minor improvements at changeing border segments
Version 1.50

– possibility to set the normals manually, which is useful for sharp edges (see manual, sorry German only)

– preview of cross section of street and borders and border normals

– New programm structure for borders

–> no limitation for number of border segments (up to memory overflow)

–> insert and delete of border segments at actual position (not only at last position)

–> optional calculation of texture coordinates from width of texture

–> More stable code, more warning messages (sometimes a little bit annoying)



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