Perard Inter Benne 25

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Perard Interbenne 25 is an overloader for fruit types: wheat, barley, canola, corn and fertilize.
Loading volume: 25.000 l
Maintenance: $35 / day
Price: $79000
Recommended Tractor with 200+ Hp

Interbenne is more than a transfer system.
It is the most effective solution for harvesting cereals, supplying fertilizer and transferring seed.
Its self-powering ability means it can easily follow high-output combine harvesters so that they can work at their maximum capacity.
Large-sized low-pressure tyres enhance the capacity to treat the ground surface gently.


Permission to repair/edit this mod was given by: Tibcsi
Original created by:
Model: Kevin353, net.NEO
Skin: net.NEO
Ingame, Script: hz888, Tibcsi
New Script: Satis
Model Support stand: sandgroper
Ingame/MP test: Satis + Satis’s evil twin.
fs2013 convert: Satis

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