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Placeable silos v 2.0 [SP]

Placeable silos

Placeable silos

this is a mod to store wheat, barley, rape and maize
price: 49.000€
daily upkeep: 250€
use it like the standard grain silo
place it like any other placeable mod 😉
bonus: edit your vehicles.xml to change fruit types (not supported)



3.2/5 - (5 votes)


Scania R620 v 1.0 MR Blue [MP]


Sulky Xeos


  1. Anonymous


    I downloaded this mod, but when i try to place the silo’s i only get the move arrows but not the buildings itself! how can i place them?

  2. Xav

    I have the same problem

  3. zeb miller

    I get that as well with this and other placeable mods. on other placeable silos , i have had to open the map with giants editor and add the slos where i wanted them in the editor. i have read in other help sections where you can only place on acceptable surfaces.

  4. JS

    The Mod works for me except the 4xSilo would not let the KeyBind (Left Shift and O) work to select Silo and change fruit. I looked at the code but could not find why.

    The 3xSilo works fine.

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