Pottinger wagon

Pottinger wagon

Have here for you a Pottinger wagon.

Why I did it because has asked me clod. At diesser place thanks to a clod of Use for testing.

It is the Eicher Wagon but something changed. He is 1-1 in contrast to Eicher loading wagon.

Animated wheel with crank installed. Pickup is animated with Particelsystem but not for rye, spelled Haver and since I have not received any response from Börndi change because of the script.

Makes no errors on the standard map, the log also clean.

If I have missed something please message to me.

You can load straw, hay and grass and rye, spelled and Haver-straw.

Filling volume: 15000l

Price: 9650 € Ls

Maintenance costs: 10 € Ls


Model: Gregor96
LS13: LS-Maximus
Ingame: Ackerscholle
Scripte: Sven777b, Börndi

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