Pronar Courier 10

Pronar Courier 10

Pronar Courier 10


is you also have noticed when playing on the Auenbach map, this is the place the butcher very closely if you want the joskin vans there?

I was irritated at the so extreme that I have made myself one evening in search of a trailer, the better you get along on the map.
Of course I have nothing useful found: S

So I once asked Google what it is on the market and so I came across the Pronar Courier 10th
After I submitted my idea Atabogo, we went immediately to work.


– Complete DIY including wheels
– 1:1 model according to the manufacturer
– Price after manufacturer data
– Length / Width / Height = 7.98m / 2.50m / 3.02m (Thus about half shorter than the joskin!)
– Accommodates 13 Pigs
– Price: € 9650 LS
– Maintenance: 10 € LS
– Maximum speed: 40 km / h
– AO Texture
– Switchable Cover
– Rear ramp can be opened by pressing a button
– washable
– Lighting Script v3.1 (.2)


– Model Atabogo (about 1 day)
– Including new wheels rim: Chef (about 7 hours)
– AO Texture: Chef (about 1 day)
– InGaming: Chef and Atabogo (end still open!)
– Construction time about 3 days

Thanks to our testers:

* onkelhotte1972
* Daniel
* wesna
* diana1703


Model: Atabogo
Texturen: Chefkoch
InGame: Chefkoch
Scripts: Sven777b, Marhu, Manuel Leithner, MB