Purchasable front hydraulic

Purchasable front hydraulic

Purchasable front hydraulic


Original link [Uploaded.net]

Hallo Farming Simulator friends,

today I present to you my buyable front hydraulic. This front hydraulic is intended to attach on the tractors front trailer attacher. If there does not exists any then it will not be possible to attach. The front hydraulic is placed on a pallet and can be stored on the shelf.
The downloaded file does not require unpacking.
Update 2.0 or higher is required for this mod. You can download it here.


scale 1:1
MP ready (no log errors on the Standard Map)
all AO textures are in .dds format


Model/Textures FH: Bullet
Model/Textures pallet: CebuljCek
Ingame: CebuljCek
Skript: (Palette.lua)