Rauch Fertiliser spreaders Dirt

Rauch Fertiliser spreaders Dirt

I present today the Vision Work

from the

Rauch Fertiliser spreaders


Dirt texture

for Dl

Textures have been revised

He is now error free

Plane adapted by texture and size

the tarp can make man with Pad9 on

The Füllplane was adjusted

Capacity 3800 l

Price from € 15,900 spreader

Daily charges 15 €

Price from € Frame 1500

Daily cost € 5


Bogballe spreader: SMF
Bogballe Trailer: Denni
Lighting v 3.1: Sven777b
Modification and adaptation: Mario
LS13: Mario
Thanks to ebb of TSL agricultural technology for the dirt texture
Umbau2013: Skin, warning signs, construction plans and change: The939Power
A thanks also goes to Sven H. support for the late hour.

Release occurs from mariodieck

Since its over 18 and looking for a Virtual Lu?

Then look over here:


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