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RENAULT 80.14 v 1.0 [MP]


MoinMoin love LS User,

Today I have an unusual tractor for you.

Displaced from the Carraro from Italy and under the brand name Renault

80 hp Renault 80.14.

This tug was built on the basis of the Fendt 209, he was Rebuilt, re skinned and complete

new geingamed. The vehicle operates at me and others without error log or error function.

He bring a few nice features are released, and it is in my opinion not too many and not too few.


<Open the rear window

<RUL with real light


<Warning lights

<Tire dust

<Plow Mod

<Realistic Indoor Cam

<Particle Realistic Exhaust System


<Rear work light


<= Rear window KP 5

<Indicators KP = 1,3,2

<Rear work light KP = 9

<-Beam (einzelnd Switchable) KP = 8


3D Modelle: GeneralX©, Agrotron 155, GIANTS, LS Landtechnik, Axel-of-Sweden, Harvey (KoolFox), Timber131, IndianaBoy (?)
Scripte: Modelleicher, sven777b, GIANTS, burner, ?
Texturen: GIANTS, GeneralX©, Harvey (KoolFox), Axel-of-Sweden, ls-for-ever, LS Landtechnik, Tobii
Sounds: GIANTS, LS Landtechnik
Umbau, Zusammenfassung, Neu Ingameing: Harvey (KoolFox)

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