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Renault Ares 610 RZ v 3.0 MR [MP]

Renault Ares 610 RZ

Renault Ares 610 RZ

Renault Ares 610 RZ

Renault Arès 610 RZ Final Edition

– Poids Tracteur: 5.3 Tonnes
– Vitesse Max: 50 km/h
– Capacité Réservoir: 210 Litres
– 110 Chevaux

– KP0: Eclairage Intérieur
– KP1, KP2, KP3: Clignotants et Warning
– KP4: Mettre/Enlever Boules d’Attelages
– KP5: Feux de Travail Avant
– KP6: Feux de Travail Arrière
– KP7: Ouvrir/Fermer Porte Gauche
– KP8: Ouvrir/Fermer Vitre Arrière
– KP9: Ouvrir/Fermer Porte Droite
– 5: Mettre/Enlever Caméra Arrière
– Space: Interactif Control


<specialization name="beleuchtung31"

<specialization name="greenstar"

<specialization name="MMRearCam"

<specialization name="PloughingSpec"

<specialization name="RadsturzV2"

<specialization name="rotation"

<specialization name="speedDisplayControl"

<specialization name="BJR_DriveGroundParticles"

<specialization name="passenger"

<specialization name="buyableCareWheels"

<specialization name="BuyableCareWheelsAttacher"

<specialization name="buyableTwinWheels"

<specialization name="BuyableTwinWheelsAttacher"

<specialization name="dynamicExhaustingSystem"

<specialization name="indoorSound"

<specialization name="interactiveButtons"

<specialization name="interactiveControl"

<specialization name="interactiveWindows"

<specialization name="lanes"

<specialization name="Washable"

<specialization name="WashableCW"

<specialization name="WashableWH"

<specialization name="MouseControlsVehicleEdit"

<specialization name="AloeFrontloader"

This mod has been created, entirely, by TiSuiss, only the 3D is not him.

He died April 6, 2014 at the age of 30 years, this mod is a tribute to him.

Thank you not to modify it to respect his work.


– FS13: TiSuiss (FraBel LS-Modding)
Additionnal Wheels :
– CebuljCek

3.5/5 - (6 votes)


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