Mietmähdrescher + Mietschneidwerk

– Double grain tank capacity (3000 liters)
– 30% faster Abtankförderschnecke
– A little more diesel consumption
– Helpers ready
– Grains Meis can be harvested (4 rows)

Yes I know that the corn is not real, who does not want it can simply ignore this option, but do not complain here please! Who do not like this mod does not load please.
I made this for me. I always play hard real-time and game level. So I can sell the Anfangsmähdrescher driving M66 + cutter, and I rent one when needed at short. It has always only a small field at the beginning, and so the same time a little more start-up capital.

No log errors!


Model: Giants
Umbau: keinschnee

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