Scania Longline BF3

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Hello LS community,

have one for you

Scania Longline in Battlefield 3 skin

He has:

-Bel. v31


-Operating Hours


Work light, front / rear

Speed about 75km / h

MP capable

attacher for trailer and semi trailer. Thus, all the trailers can be coupled to be there now.

Log remain healthy for me.

Since please not so strict is the first mod I upload 🙂

Sun Enough written and a lot of fun with the Scania.Es is not only the truck, the trailer as on the first image.


Modell/Scripts: Scania Power

BF3 Textur:NH T9.505Driver




Ich hoffe das ich nun alle habe, wenn nicht bitte ich mir eine Nachricht zu kommen zulassen.

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