Shera Map

Shera Map

Shera Map

Shera Map

Shera Map

In Shera map you can become acquainted with the Varied fields of activity of the modern farmer. In addition to agriculture, you have the opportunity to lead a private gravel pit and thus to supply the site or the company STRABAG. Keep sheep, cows and chickens

There are 5 arable fields and pasture grass for 8 Verfügung.Verbaut a granary, a Bga with scales, country store, dairy, dealer with workshop, large yard are with Hoftankstelle.Gekaufte vehicles were delivered directly to the farm.

Installed are standard fruits + gravel, sand, earth

Traffic is to

Wither is off

My truck drives from v1.5 therefore should be a milk trailer be downloaded if you want to earn money with milk.

Log is Clean!

Requires the mods are:

Kröger_Trailer_pack (for sand, gravel, ground transportation)

Map was created by GE 5.0.3


Modelle,andre,iacopo1977,Mach1–Andy,Richi*3,LU-Modfactory,Fatian für das Straßennetz,marc85,Nick98_1,alexrettig1800 naja einfach an alle deren objekte und scripte ich verwenden durfte.

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