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I was asked many times in the past few days afterwards.

Have fun with the set you wish Ursus1234

The set includes.

1x sidelines container
1x Shuttle 42.000L

First Sidelines container

The sidelines container has a New Fruit Plane get not so much about is, it’s a climb with bridge added to the container and for better transport, he will now be lifted via a drawbar / pulled ie he forwards now digging into his stride, behind grade the tractor is running.

Second Shuttle 45.000L

The shuttle has just got new tires and new paint and minor performance work

Your ride is not as good but is still fixed!

With all vehicles / trailers, the image files were converted to. Dds and kept as small as possible in order to optimize the Vram usage!

Original link:


Credits der Urmodelle:

Feldrand Container : Skydancer / Modhoster Team
Zubringer : Skydancer / Modhoster Team / blackzeus / Virtualfarming

Credits der Scripte:

Modelleicher , Skydancer , Sven 777b , Stefan Geiger , Headshoot ,
Manuel Leithner , Felix Sorge , Geri-G, PeterJ

Umbau sowie kleinere Lack arbeiten.:

Umbau und Lack : Jesse James

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