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Sprinter Pack v 3.0 MR

Sprinter Pack

Sprinter Pack

Sprinter Pack

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I have already received many request to my sprinter pack I’ve decided to make you the pack for disposal

what can the pack?:

Vehicles, equipment, or other (eg also from Forstmod the seedlings) clinging on key “o”

Ramps to the top driving vehicles (thanks to Turbo Freak for embedding and animating)

Dump trailer (v1) to load various types of fruit and the chopped material from hackers

-Small Tanden transport trailer (without ramps) for example Trasportieren of attachments: Front loader tools or 3 boxes seedlings (Forstmod) Can be ebendfalls held with key “o”!

-2 Sprinter variants 1x standard version as 1x to view altag With / .5 tons of admission (for example, the device because the more weight have)

Sprinter full Animeirt (doors) Thanks for At Lindemann who has dealt with it for weeks!


Harry Modding
Alex2009 [Beifahrerscript]

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Rubber squeegee v 1.5.1 mr


Fendt Favorit 926


  1. delorean

    vocĂȘ e um mane

  2. kenny

    no room to place vehicle even the parking of the store is empty pls help

  3. Falcon

    It works if you redownload then unpack it.

  4. 101shootme

    help does not have room in shop!

  5. Anonymous

    Does not let you buy says no room at the shop!!

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