Stacker Pack

Stacker Pack

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Stacker Pack v 2 MoreRealistic

The forklift C80D Clark is an alternative to front-end loaders and tele loaders for loading or transporting of pallets.
The adapted thereto Kippschaufel extends the range of the truck extreme.
All standard fruits and manure and silage can thus be added to the truck and loaded .

In the truck Pack includes: The truck , a matching shovel, and two trailers for the transport of two other pallets.


Lighting V3.1 , as well as additional work light rear and illuminated switches on the steering console
animated mast and hydraulic steering
– adjustable fork
Doors of the truck to open
– Operating Hours and ESLimiter
animated side rails to the followers (close when docking )
animated Kippschaufel


Price: 28.000 € LS-
Engine power: 67/73 (kw / hp)
Empty weight: 10.4 t
max lifting capacity: about 7 t
Speed: approx 30 km / h

Operating Expense: LS- 50 € / day

Price: 950 € LS-
Operating Expense: LS- 12 € / day

Prize: 4,600 € LS-
Maintenance costs : the LS- 6 € / day


Modell: softfox
Textur: softfox, Daniel007
Ingame: softfox, Bluebaby210
MR converted: s4t4n –

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