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Steinfeldasd v 1.1 [MP]






Today is the day. It’s Christmas Eve and I of course, just as the Christ child, a gift for you: My Steinfeld Map for LS13 (LS15 follows).

The map is based on the real no model, there is only the name for real. The map was designed with a lot of details, so the map does not just low-Pc is friendly.

The map has 2 yards, 1 biogas plant, 1 village, 1 grain sale, 1 forest management and other nice things)

Need Mods: There are actually all required mods here, so unzip file! 😉

Rot is ON! If anyone would like it is off, please do this mod to the folder:

On the Map Triticale is installed, so a header is needed, which Triticale is ready, for example this:

Claas Direkt Disc 520


24pups, Niggels939? Ebulj? Ek modding, Fatian, Freak2009, Julz LS, TMT modding, software giants, Eifok, 4ndi, lagacy … (If I forgot someone, please contact)

Many thanks to my testers: Vario99, TMS95, Famer_Leo, Donkey, Schlüter1996 and Agriculture Service Steinfeld)

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Strautmann Giga Vitesse III DODouplus BadaBoom


John Deere 6150M Full Washable


  1. david

    mod iz good

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