Stoll homemade bale fork

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TEXT ZU LANG bitte manuell auf uebersetzeI hereby submit my homemade bale fork Stoll also here.

Many know already from the Farming Simulator 2011, now it is also available for the Farming Simulator 2013th
Stoll of this pitchfork prongs some were removed. Now they can be used for all types of bales loaded.

Current Version: 1.0.0 | | Release Date: 11.02.2013 | | Game: Farming Simulator 2013


Polycount: 912
File size: 0.42 MB
Transporting up to four large square bales possible


transport of all types of bales
easy to use by AttacherSkript
fixation of the ball by pressing a button (key: X)
several bales transported at once


Version 2.11.13 Release LS13


Keep the original link!
Do not modify without permission!


3D: Maxter
inGame: Maxter
Script: Bayn, Geri-G

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