Sweet Home LS09 Final

Sweet Home LS09 Final

Sweet Home LS09 Final

Sweet Home LS09 Final

Now it is here! The Sweet Home map for LS09 LS13

After some time when I could do nothing for you on the map, I have finally managed to get them done.

So much has not changed to the previous version.

It is a bit more vegetation to in order to make the map idyllic. However, not too much,

so that the map is not to heavy performance fails. On the farm was a car wash

built for your machine washable and near the harbor has a sugar factory

their doors open. In the workshop in the yard there is a ramp with repair trigger

if you use the Schadensmod. The cows and sheep consume additional water, and now the chickens

consume wheat.
To fill the soaking with water, you need eg this trailer:


There have also been corrected and changed some small things.

e.g. Driveways on streets where vehicles are bound paved.

The fourth field, which was initially empty, has now been planted with rape, this is in full bloom

and still needs some time to mature.

Nothing has changed at the start vehicles. These are as selected so that their full equal

Start by can. It is not from the beginning, the best of the best. I just wanted you to

then do not. 😉 It’s all there but what you need.

And now I wish you much fun and a successful harvest on the Sweet Home LS09 Map V3 Final

Since this is the final version of this map by me, I hereby give you free. You may do what you want. Modify, upload, burn, whatever … It belongs to you.
I already have a new project under construction, a map named “Farmers Little Treasure”

That’s it from me first. Your Galli84


Urmodder: ego
Umbau der Hofes und BGA: Galli84
Traktorhalle: Richi*3 / Stormbringer
Durchfahrhalle: Burn out
Wohnhaus: JokerZ / MC [email protected]
Getreidelager: devin / DA JOUN
Fachwerkunterstand: Trixi
Waschanlage: buchhauer
Zuckerfabrik: Trekkerbodo
Futterlager von frisco0177
LS11 Standart Häuser von XAnonymousX
Schadensmod von (Skript) rafftnix Modell und (Textur der Werkstatt) Maxter und Modelleicher
Brücken Baukasten Set von meistro
Rolltor v 1.0 incl. Script von grafik-edv

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