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T 159 4 v 2.0 [MP]

T 159 4

T 159 4

T 159 4

there bauer horscht already for years no longer exists ours and has for his son (bauer hans) inherited the yard, he wants him to continue, because although aid has by wolfgang, uses hans also parts of him to move forward on his yard, the t-157 does its work without problems but Duch the magnification of Justice has our hans a t-159-4 to gain get back there and the front ne clutch was fitted and the load volume of 1000 liters in the claw, may hans now also manure and silage clamp-loaded,

but as we will know our horscht also hans soon have to get a bagger gain, only the question which will be to




Subsoiler 2 teeth SOPEMA v 1.0 [MP]


AP800 v 1.0 [MP]

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