NEW … Tannenhof “floats” in the water now !

36 fields with 50 acres

1 main courtyard with chickens – Cows – sheep – Calves – Pigs
1 LU Agrarhof with all standard bearings
1 Biogashof with small BGA
new example Heuhalle with crane and much more …
Calves and breeding new animated pig
Seed and fertilizer must be purchased and stored .
New sites need sand
and of course …… Grassland is cultivated on fields!
But milk is also working with pick themselves
Spinning wool for purchase
Garden center sells fertilizer and seed
Sand pit sand sold


enough time for the ” stress-free ” Harvest …

Growth times of Früche and the grass are ” doubled ” !

9 outlets via PDA
– Country trade buys : Eggs Grass potatoes corn sugar
– Grain mill buy: wheat barley rape
– Braugasthof buy: wheat and barley
– Edeka buy: eggs potatoes and pigs
– Ferkelhof buy: beets and pigs
– Freight Train buy: wheat rape maize barley sugar potatoes
– BGA Biogashof : pays for almost everything … also standard fruits
– Building buys : Sand
– Bridge construction site purchases : Sand
– Horse farm buys : grass hay straw – loose and in bales

Important: LS 2013 from Patch 2.0

Tannenhof_Paket.zip must be unpacked !
Then, then copy all 6 zip files in your mod folder.

Map of indoor enclosed mods for easier start:

GuelleMistMod.zip = TMT
FSM_KrampeBBS650_TA = FSM Chef
TA_FL_GSchaufel = Giants
TA_FL_Silozange = Giants
kuhzucht 1.0 (calves) = Marhu

All gifts are approved …
this a ” heartfelt” THANK YOU to all !

Other mods are needed:

For pigs = sell a trailer for pigs
For feeding the calf barn = a trailer for milk

Textures for the fruits – are installed:

ZEFIR Poland = 3.5 ground textures
ZEFIR Poland corn texture = 2.5 in series – is set higher !
Eribus wheat texture = 1.1 brand new
Eribus = 1.1 barley texture from scratch
Eribus rape texture = 1.0
Giants = sugar beet
Giants = potatoes
Giants = grass to mow
dds modding = sand

do not like it … simply replace other ” favorite” texture!


Sir Vicmon

Conditioning Credit list is Tannenhof.zip

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