Tebbe HS 320 v 5.0

Tebbe HS 320 v 5.0 2

Here’s a Tebbe HS 320 tridem manure spreader. I’ve had this mod on my hard drive and because there is no mod in the class for LS 13 Converts. I have skinned him again and missed a new ride because he is always upset before. The mod has no lighting installed script. He has only normal light, no brake light, etc. The flashing lights are not functional. Working width I have edited. He then sprinkled a reasonable normal width. The load capacity is 28,000 liters. He would have to run in MP. Have not tested it much. Would be glad if someone reworked him with the light refurbishes and etc. Bungles but please do not call me in the credits. Log should be error free.


Model: Mat du 55 tag: lsfan-modding LS13, Reskinn & New Performance: NFerLSer (Ulf)

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