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The Castle Wall Final

The Castle Wall Final

The Castle Wall Final

The Castle Wall Final

The Castle Wall Final

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Hello malingerers,

here the third and final version of the map “on the castle wall.” I’ve made a few changes that have been suggested by you.

Final Changelog:

all movable gates can be permanently connected with NumPad 0 “to”

more distance between the bushes to the field

increased area at the station (even with multiple trailers unloading must work now)

new grain silo (Thanks to GeneralX for permission for new construction)

new fertilizer / seed / tank shed with movable gates

Ablade implemented at the mill

BGA and Tanke redesigned

small changes to the farm itself

the described Grubberproblem no longer occurs (the planted area has now Saattextur instead Grubbertextur)

the Feldkauficon at the mill is zugänglich4

The second version of “On the castle wall 1”, now with all the features and extra entworfenem Burgenbauset.

Changelog v2:

Eggs on sale at the station tower
Ball sale in the dugout next to the sheep trough
Unloading changed (now about to go)
Additional point of sale at the mill for wheat and barley
Water can be found almost anywhere on the stream and the fountain next to the house
New Castle ingredients (fresh from 3dsmax)
Teleport trigger on the wall and the gate house (on the wall you get behind the dugout)
Altered Mapgrenzen
Altered grass texture
Modified tree texture

Hi there!

I have chosen you my current map to make available. It is a small map, should be said right away. But I have also been in use large machines easily.

This time you find yourselves on a fictitious map. Your address is “at the castle wall 1” and your farm is located within a former Rittergut. Since you pretty far out in the country since there are only the old station and the old factory outlets for your “fruits”. Possible to sell everything you can also load.

The milk is collected from the dairy and you should make sure that there is order in the yard, as the milk truck takes up space.

Telephone and ATM there gibts two, horseshoes are also distributed to you and the dealer also sells its vehicles.

Since this is my first LS13 map, it may be that there is missing one or other. There LOG error but no.

So much pleasure.

So that the next map will be better, it would be nice if you send me comments and let criticism.

Finally, I would like to thank the many modders of the built objects. Without you, the map would be only half as good.

Greetings Mourice

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Fendt 939 v 1.1 [MP]


Fendt 209 Forest Edition v 1.0 [MP]

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  1. arnav

    it is simallir to the normal map

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