Welcome to The Great States.

This map has cows,sheep and chickens all in there default locations.

Withered crops no longer exist in this map.

Hidden Sell point Does not show on map but prices show on PDA. Sorry we forgot to hide this after testing
All icons on pda are correct to there locations in the map.
Pda Map correct for the map.
Custom Ai, Milk and pedestrian splines.
Silage Dump next to cows updated to hold 1 million. due to the increase in fields etc.
Many different Locations to dump which all lead back to the main farm.
Several area to refill supplies.
Field sizes Vary from .5 HA up 24HA, all have correct sizes on information screen and Buy able. We lowered costs as Defaults were way to high per HA.
You Start with 4 Fields Near to the main Farm and Cow Zone. 3 Are planted. 1 canola, 1 wheat and 1 Barley. 4 th field just sits Cultivated and Fertilized.
Ai Use the main roads and all junctions work.
We made a custom Egg icon show we can show the sell points in the map, all other icons are working as intended.
We moved all of the grass heaps and they appear on the pda at there new locations.

We hope you Enjoy this map
Thanks Fsmodding

4.7/5 - (3 votes)