TimTra207 3t weight

After a construction period of approximately 15 hours, it’s done, the model has 54430 polygons, texture 2048×2048 pix
and a total of 5.25 MB VRAM.


The mod has 30 expandable weight plates which are always displayed in a 2 pack of 200 kilograms,

Warntarfeln front. In addition, a three-point shooting is available on the front weight.

Note: The weight plates can be activated by pressing the B and the X button again disconnected!


attachable, Shiftable Mass.

We thank us thank all the participants without such a project would not have to Realize!


Model: Timber131
Texture: Timber131
Ingame: Trabby76


edit Trabby76

Tester: FocusFan70, Trabby76, Paddy, Timber131

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