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Eicher EM 300 V 1.0 Stoll Klinklader [MP]

Eicher EM 300 V 1.0 Stoll Klinklader

Eicher EM 300 V 1.0 Stoll Klinklader

Eicher EM 300 V 1.0 Stoll Klinklader

Eicher EM 300 V 1.0 Stoll Klinklader

Eicher EM 300 B with Stoll industry Klinklader

Here is my Eicher EM 300 comes with Klinklader, I will have the end of next year in this version, for you to DL.
The empty Mähbalkenkonsole and to small rear wheels are wanted and are so!


The EM 300 is among connoisseurs as the best sellers of the legendary Predator series of Eicher long a term. With its beginning (1958) 35 hp, 1962 38 and 1966 40 hp even he was the ideal tractor of the upper middle class and for many farmers is the epitome of Bavarian engineering. With his Stoll front loader Klink King Tiger will be expanded by a multiple of applications, and will afford you the the next 50 years of loyal service!
This EM 300 B, the Ye call yourselves like, has worked for many years on a Lower Bavarian court, at the beginning, especially in agriculture, since 1976, the FL but was too much in the yard and the ball shop. The engine was overhauled in 1996 by a specialist workshop, the gear is in top condition.


Parking light / high beam
BelV31 turn signal Animated lights on turn signal lever (1 lamp without trailers, with one trailer 2 and 3 with 2 followers) – Animated turn signal lever
Seat Hide / off, status is saved so that people do not like the seat will need to hide only once and do not reload after every game.
realistic suspension geometry for better drivability
Knuckle rotation at the same angle as the real, thereby thoroughly realistic steering movements
Animated steering linkage
Animated rear hydraulics
animated accelerator
Animated speedometer pointer and temperature indicator
Warning light when tank capacity 10l goes under
Charging indicator light
animated Handhasgebel, only in the active cruise control levels and depending on cruise control level 1-4 a certain position
PTO stub shaft always rotates slowly with
Stoll – Klink front loaders, animated in part


Modell: Modelleicher, schleueterfan1977, TheFarmer
Textur: Modelleicher, TheFarmer
Ingame: Modelleicher, TheFarmer
Frontladerschwinge: Kreters-Island
Sound: TheFarmer

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