Ferguson System Pack V 1.0

Ferguson System Pack V 1.0

Ferguson System Pack V 1.0

Ferguson System Pack V 1.0

The Ferguson TE20 is Genesis in the tractor world. It is the Northern Irish man Harry Ferguson that stamped his mark clearly on the tractor world with the invention of the “Ferguson System” 3 point linkage which is available on the vast majority of tractors available today.

The idea behind the Ferguson system was that the weight of the ploughing was transferred to the rear wheels increasing traction. The weight transfer allowed the light weight tractor to do the work of heavier tractors. Improvements to the Ferguson system such as draft control improved the weight transfer and increased the amount of work the little tractor could do.

Mod Features

The Ferguson System pack contains several variants on the Ferguson TE20 tractor as well as a range of machinery totalling 30 mods.


– Ferguson TE20
– TE20 with “Banana” Front Loader
– TE20 industrial with road tyres and yellow colour scheme
– TE20 with four wheel drive
– TE20 Dual Drive

Bale Handling Equipment

– Ferguson Square Baler
– Bale sledge for use only with the above baler
– “Flat Six” bale grab for TE20 front loader for use with Ferguson square bales

Ploughing and Cultivation Equipment

– Two Furrow Plough
– Three Furrow Plough
– Cultivator
– 8 Foot Discs

Material Handling Equipment

– TE20 with “Banana” front loader
– Rear mounted Forklift Mast
– Bucket for grains etc
– Dung grab
– Bale Spike
– Pallet forks
– Concrete weight block

Grass equipment

– Finger bar mower
– Side rake
– Buckrake for use with grass and straw. Can scoop loads directly from swaths

Sowing and Spreading Equipment

– Potato Planter
– Ground driven Manure Spreader
– Low volume Crop Sprayer
– Fertiliser sower for both fertiliser and seed
– Transport box for fertiliser and seed


– 3T trailer
– Low loader trailer
– Dual wheel trailer for rubber and cage wheels

Important Information

Please note, given the size and scale of the Ferguson tractors in relation to the other equipment for Farming Simulator, the linkages for the tractors and machinery are scaled down to suit. Therefore, for best results the items in the Ferguson System pack should only be paired with each other.


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