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– Steyr 8110A SK2 undated (without Steyr roof lights); BJ 1987 90 hp

Steyr 8130A Turbo SK2; BJ 1993 115 hp

In 8130 Steyr was carried out in 1992, an engine overhaul from BJ and the performance increased in models from 110 to 115 hp. The Steyr 8130 Convinced by his tremendous pulling power and a torque of 400Nm.

It is very suitable for agriculture, it is a 4 Schaar recommended way plow. Of course, it can also be very well used in transportation. But auc him grassland use he makes a good figure.

Both tractors are equipped with a FL console.

The functions are:

– IC control



– Animated: tank, temperature, speedometer, exhaust valve,

– Dual tires

– Snow chains (for forestry use)

– Sounds (indoor / outdoor)

– Passenger script
– Hand gas more / less NUM LOCK +/-
– Wheelset changeable key m
– Fender on / degradable (from the outside) BUTTON r

– FL-console / degradable (from the outside) BUTTON r

– Doors on / degradable (from the outside) BUTTON r

– Manual Motorstat installed (new) BUTTON z

– Reifensturtz added (new)

– FH + FZ on / fold out or on / degradable (new) KEY NUM 0 or r button

Required / recommended mods:
– ES Limiter
– Purchasable FH
– Purchasable Font Weights
Loader: Hauer / Aloe Pack


MB 3D Modelling
CebuljCek modding
-Domi (STEYR Modding, EMT Euro Modding Team)
Stefan Maurus

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