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Ursus C4011

Ursus C4011

Ursus C4011

Ursus C4011

Ursus C4011

The Ursus C4011 mod for Farming Simulator 2013 is a highly realistic mod with a full script, full animation, Plowing Mod, and realistic drive system. Its authentically rusted and destroyed appearance adds gritty realism to your virtual farming experience.


– Full Animated
– Engine Animations
– Wheel Mod (Numpad 8)
– Plowing Mod
– Real Driving Physics
– New Skin


Mod created By Kajro (YT/@ItsKajro, YT/@NotKajro)
Model by Marcello1942

5/5 - (3 votes)


Górale v2


  1. Rolnikowy

    Good mod, nice textures

  2. Uros

    Volim farming

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