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Transportation Professionals Pack V 1.0

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As the name suggests, it is this is a pack in which a tractor with matching trailer is. The whole thing is finished already as * zip archive for the mods folder, and therefore does not need to be unpacked.

Both models are from the Game and ETS2 were converted by me to LS13.

Now some details:

Trucks: MAN TGX 18.680 6 * 4 +2 Tractor

4-wheel steering,

All-wheel drive (contrary to its name),

ESL limiter, top speed 70-75 km / h,

a little chrome, gloss,

Field + tire dust

illuminated Fixtures,


Semitrailer: Krone Profi Liner trailers

animated open and close the left and right tilt (Curtainside)

Collisions can be installed and adjusted to fall so nothing can get into it or anything when the trailer is closed

suitable for transporting bales, pallets & equipment,

Field + tire dust etc.

I would point out (as with my two Scanias) are here for a truck trailer combination. Excessive use go / InGame thus rewarded with the appropriate feet back.

So far I have not tested all the entries were written in the log file LS13.

Should again expect but errors are enrolled, please first check your own mods or try out the first pack as standalone mod.


Original ETS 2 (SCS Software)
Beleuchtungs Script v3.1.2 von Sven777b
ESL-Limiter V3 Script von Manuel Leithner (SFM Modding)

3.7/5 - (10 votes)


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