U 84 Series 406 Top Trailers V 1.1 Forst

U 84 Series 406 Top Trailers V 1.1 Forst

U 84 Series 406 Top Trailers V 1.1 Forst

Hello everybody. The modhoster team workshop has also made for the LS13 406er Unimog “borutcebulj”. We have his brilliant Mod tempted in all points as close as possible to bring to the Original ….. And .. I think we have done it too ..!

New in Pack: homemade trailer for the Unimog 406 as it used on some farms has one

built from a Rahmn a trailer ud that I hereby also made !!

To the trailer: It may be the superstructure geweckselt 3Stück in number !!

Lighting V3 installed !!

This ZIP was at Mod for LS13 improved / installed:

-Orignal 406er engine sound
-Now MP-suitable
-In / Outdoor Sound (on all openable parts in the cab “doors, windows, folding roof”)
Adapted spring system and driving behavior to the orignal model
-Leistung From 84 to 110 hp increase (as at the end of the series)
-Maximum Travel 80 kmh

* Motor on / off: KP_0

Solve * Hand brake: Key_z or Key_y

* Wheel / 4×4 “Key_links Ctrl”

* Hand throttle: “Key_Pad + / Key_Pad -”

* IC control: Spacebar


Knechti and Rene (Sound and handling)
Meyer123 (bug fixes and test)
fin050808 (bug fixes and test)
AGO Systemtech (in / outdoor sound)
gotchTOM (bug fixes)
model eicher and skydancer (bug fixes)
Manuel leithner
Templaer, Andreas Schneider, moped Killer
Robert Hostens
model eicher
Tobias F. (John Deere 6930)
CebuljCek (borutcebulj)
Katsuo, Eicher-fan, Bullet, Börndi
BM – Modding – www.bm-modding.de

This Unimog is universally applicable, whether. Onto the field or tow a trailer on large maps, where the crop has to be transported quickly from A to B

And here’s some info on the 406 series
The U 84 (U 900) was produced from 1971 to 1972. The Unimog U 84 (U 900) achieved an output of 84 hp. Later, the performance was even increased to 110 hp. The synchronous transmission of the U 84 (U 900) was equipped with 6 forward and 2 reverse gears. The Höch speed of U 84 (U 900) was 80 km / h.

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