Ursus 912

Ursus 912


Ursus 912 is another version of the line 4-cylinder tractors in the so-called. “Heavy tractor”, produced by ZM Ursus in Warsaw in the years 1984-1998. Tractor engine had ZTS Martin Z8401.1 of 82 hp and was equipped with a newer type of cabin with pivoting rear window, a stronger link with a capacity up to 4200 kg. The number of hydraulic clutches increased from 2 to 4 (max 7). Also produced models with all-wheel drive, codenamed 914 Ursus 912 to replace their development versions Ursus Ursus 932 and 934, but in practice made Ursus 5312-14 models under license from MF.


Modell: Spinah, Marcello 1942
Ingame: Lechu
Script: Lechu,Burner, Sven777b, Modelleicher

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