Ursus T665

Ursus T665

To have finally:

here we have for you the Ursus T-665 trailer ball.
The model was created by me new in Cinema4D.

Original textures, and nearly a 1:1 replica of the LED’S
The mod has:
The light-script by Sven 777b
-ObjectAttacher, the script fixed everything on the platform, ranging from round bales, square bales, headers, etc
The side-walls are foldable

A huge thanks goes to lechu has helped me very quickly with a small problem.


Weight of the platform, kg 1890
-Dimensions: lxwxh, mm 8980 x 2440 x 1900
-Permissible Max / h 25 – 30

pozdro BigBenS and the TLS team



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