Vans Water Milk

Vans Water Milk

Vans Water Milk

This is the Hako Multicar M25 as water-tank milk Fahrzeug.Baujahr 1996 and modernized M26. Condition used, as good as new …

The Vans continues to be built now by Hako. Information at .

The Multicar M26 series was built for example by 2010.

This here is a Vans fan product, which it so well is hardly real. 🙂

However, the speed of about 80km / h is normal in the Multicar M26.


To Mod:

Attention! no Huds for loaded and unloaded, but display in the Help menu of the game (F1).

The mod works for me 1a. (Anschaun Images)


(Not to determine name) Czech modeling;: Basic Model M25

Edit, in-game, Testing: Peter Pech;

Model_Tank: fin050808;

Model_Multicar_M25 LS11: Sebel, Herby and KA88, Hewaaa

Versch.Teile LS13 modification: Charly_99

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