The vibro body folds 3 – 4 series is a machine for soil cultivation at the time of planting with a working depth of 8-12 cm. Through its flexible arms 45×12, double bearing chassis 60x60x5 structural profile.
Your new system folded by cranks and hook attachment allows for greater wing of the work on the ground. It also has a new security system for hydraulic road.

Width: 7 meters

Number of arms: 53

Weight: 2650 kg

Maintenance: $ 35 / day

This mod was made possible thanks to the collaboration of Agromet Ejea SL
Special thanks to Javier Planas commercially, Agromet. /


Modell: Javier007 (España Modding Team)
Texturen: Javier007 (España Modding Team)
Ingame: Javier007 (España Modding Team)
Test (MP): Soto & Javier007 (España Modding Team)

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