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Wangen Reloaded v 2.0 [SP]






Just as having one or the other already seen on my Facebook page, I would now my Map Wangen_Reloaded releasen. The map will also appear in some time for the LS15 to download when it is ready so far.

Now to the Map. There are:

4 Houses
3 biogas plants
2 forest areas for Forstmod
CHP for sale of wood chips
Sawmill for sale of standing timber
2 grain dealers
6 villages

So far so good. I wish you all much fun with the map and would like to take this opportunity to thank all the modders whose objects I have used. Desweitern can you see more images on my Facebook page:



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Rheinland Pfalz v 1.0 [SP]


Follow Me v 0.68


  1. Alberto

    Ma i commenti non si vedono?

  2. Alberto

    No initial vehicles…
    DefaultVehicles.xml is empty

  3. tin

    kako kupovati
    traktore i kombajne i prikoltee

  4. Alberto

    No reply???

    No initial vehicles…
    DefaultVehicles.xml is empty

  5. martin

    wie heißt das mähwerk

  6. mateja

    da li je dobar farming simulator 2013

  7. sidneynjosh

    where do the downloads go after they are loaded pls help my hubby out thanks

  8. gamingfico

    where is silo?

  9. Alberto

    Where is the Tractors?

  10. marko

    jes is mi

  11. Anonymous

    na P je prodavnica

  12. Deuss21

    Cette map je me sans seul comme si j’ettais seul au monde et les silos ?

  13. Alberto

    No initial vehicles…
    DefaultVehicles.xml is empty
    Please fix…

  14. fs 13


  15. Daggerwin

    i made a video about this, to recap on fs13 just to compare graphics nice map for fs13, please convert it over to fs17 and i will do a series of videos on it.

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