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Wild brook valley v 2.5

Wild brook valley map

Wild brook valley map

Wild brook valley map

Wild brook valley map

Wild brook valley map

Welcome back in the river valley!

You take an repatriate court here in the river valley. With its 17 hectares of arable land and 4 acres of pasture, this courtyard is perfect for single-player or with a friend in multiplayer. Here you can extend his Old and young timers and agriculture play as realistic and welcoming as she was early 80s. The torrential valley lies in a landscape in the Black Forest-style, in the high-tech and bustle are not yet at the center. So just right for a few quiet hours in the game and TeamSpeak. Of course, the map only limited Curse Play, and also the weathering / Wither is on.

New in this version is a 40kW mini-biogas plant on the farm that takes in addition to silage and all types of fruit and bales of straw and cow dung. As part of this we have increased the silos on the farm on a realistic capacity. They now hold 650m3 silage (25m x 10.5mx 2.5m – round corners + compression = approx 650,000 liters)

In version 2.2 you can expect next to the BGA also includes 2 new fields with 0.5 and 0.78 acres on the plateau above the bridge and full UV errors. We have removed the still very power-hungry light sources and corrected several small errors. In addition, some items have been adjusted for your size. in the low polygon version for weak computers also further reductions were made in order to players with slower machines to allow the use of torrent valley.

I would like to express my thanks to the many people who told me tips and error, and have always been told on Facebook Comment. Thank you.

As with previous versions, of course, you can play your score further. Instructions for that below.

If you are looking only in quick, then a look at the screenshots and videos of us throw. There, everything is actually to look at game mechanics.

Description of the download links:
First link: high polygon version of the torrent valley V2.2
Second Link: Low polygon version of the torrent valley V2.2
Third Link: GRLE files, so you can continue playing your game. Description further down

I am currently hard at the Finster Brunner Map on building and thus the torrent valley first rest for a few weeks. I collect further requests, bug reports, criticism and praise for other versions. The next version will probably appear before June, unless any serious defects are found. slightly larger in the next update is planned, let yourself be surprised.

Age Score:
You can continue to play your old score only if your ADDITION down the third DL Link invites.

Brief explanation about grle files: These files to store the information, which tell the game where that plant is on the map. When the map is changed, the information is not given to the score further. The then you have to make by hand. To the grle files are necessary.

This link contains 4 grle files. These files must be in the folder of your game score. Here’s how:
– You open the Windows Explorer, click, turn left at the top under “Libraries” to “Documents”.
– Now you navigate to the subfolder My Games \ FarmingSimulator2013 \
– In this folder you seek euern savegame folder (Example savegame3)
– In this folder you copied the 4 grle files, overwriting the existing files

Done! You can close the Explorer and start the game. If you’ve done everything right, should the two new fields to be seen everywhere and the grass should be where it should go. ­čÖé If you encounter any questions or are not with you works!, Wrote to me and we will try to find a solution together.

Now, as always, I wish:

Enjoy the game!

Greetings, and the quay of the Stormi kunds Modding


Deutz1997 : Die Ur-Wildbachtal
Fatian (Feldwege;Stra├čen)
Dennis Busch (Waldschilder)
Modelleicher,Maxter (Hofobjekte)
Desperados93 (Mapobjekte)
FendtFarmer/Desperados93 (Br├╝cke,Texturen usw.)
pAre (H├╝tte am See)
Unbekannt (Gro├čen Stromleitungen)
IMarvin (Schlagbaum)
Mr F. (Foliageb├Ąume,Plantagenbaum)
Giants (Standartobjekte)
MR-Klausen / thejohnderre7930 (Unterstand)
ka88 (Billinger Landhandel, Textur├Ąnderung von Stormbringer)
Buschi (Getreidelagerset, Kiefer, Sturmkiefer)
LS-UK (Ringfeeder)
Tessmann85, ls-mod-tempel (neue Ground-Textur)
TyphoOn (Mini-BioGas Anlage)
Marhu (Wassermod / Futtermod)
MrFox, TheAgraama (Lampen)
TMT marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan (Guelle und Mist Mod)
Eifok-Team (Guelletrigger f├╝r Ihr Zunhammer Fass)
Feros (Jaegerzaun)
Farmer 14 (Zaun)
Nick98_1 (Teile des Schilderwald)
lsfamer2011 (Feld / Waldweg)
Tobsel88 (Basistexturen Foliagetrees)
L4Icce und Thorne (Geb├Ąude des Alpenhofes)
borutcebulj (Bruecke)
Steffen30muc (Halle im AngererTal, Duenger und Kalkhalle)
Ceen und 4ndi (neue Texturen des Stra├čensets)
FendtFan1 (Waldbodentextur)
LwFarming (Maistextur)

-> Und ich, der Stormi nat├╝rlich ­čÖé

3.5/5 - (28 votes)


Daf XF 105 510 v 1.1 [MP]


Franconia Map V 2.0


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