ZEN Lazarence TJ 800 and Frontloader

Since Lazarence TJ 788 from ZEN INDUSTRIES is outdated it’s time to present you Lazarence TJ 800 (with frontloader)

What is new in this model:

– New invention of ZEN INDUSTRIES – NOS (Nitro Oxide System),



– Changeable gender of driver and some other things.


Switch driver gender- numpad *
Engine start/stop – Y
Handbrake – space
Use nitrous – 5
4×4 – 6
ESL – page up / page down
Twinwheels – u
Rear camera – delete
Move attacher up – right shift k
Move attacher down – right shift m
Horn – 0
Open door – numpad 9
Open back window – numpad 7
Open sunroof – numpad 8
Left turnlights – numpad 1
Right turnlights – numpad 3
Hazard lights – numpad 2
Highbeams – numpad 4
Front worklights – numpad 5
Back worklights – numpad 6
Fog lights – numpad .
Beacon lights – home

Rest info you will find inside mod.

This version comes in 5 colors for tractor and black frontloader.

Special thanks to testers: LandfrauLucie, Pixelschreck and kirov who had time to put on test this model.

Rest thanks is in credits 🙂

This version comes only with English description and help, and next versions will be on some other languages… depending of that if you like to help to translate it on your language.

I hope that version 1 is all OK but who knows… maybe some glich/bug/problem can occure on some other computer, so please if you have any problem to report, please do that.

Don’t forget, that 4×4 won’t have any effect if you drive only tractor without something to slow him down. NOS won’t make your tractor to fly like in “Fast and Furious” it will give you 30% more power and speed but it will consume 30% more fuel for using it.


Author: Zenchina aka Zen
Help, support and testing: LandfrauLucie, Pixelschreck and Kirov
Many parts are used from some other models and reworked to fit this one and that is also for some not all scripts, so to say thank you for every modder will be too long list… so i said thanks to all modders of FS because all of them deserve respect for trying to make this game better.

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