ZIL 130V1 Pack

Two truck tractors ZIL ZIL 130V1 and 130V1 and semi-AMUR for them. Fixed size, set physics, work well on kursplee. Semitrailer transporting wheat barley rape maize potato sugarBeet silage grass manure chaff sunflower cranberry oat soybean feedingbeet.
Capacity: 11,400 liters.


ЗиЛ 130В1 АМУР: (Modell/Textur: Du-Mont; LS2009: Zombi88888; Edit: vik, talisman; LS2013/Scripting: werik)
ЗиЛ 130В1 и полуприцеп: (Modell/Textur: [email protected], Alex J, Du-mont; Edit/InGame: sanya1970; Edit/Scripting: werik)

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