Agrifarm Tillage Set


Hi, I want to make two tillage equipment available to you today.

The set includes:
Agrifarm euro plan Trailed harrows 5.27 Mb Vram = 202 Objects
Agrifarm euro plan TERRAJET Aufgsattelter Kurzgrubber Vram = 7.48MB 170 Objects

This is a Semi-mounted and Kurscheibenegge
a saddled Kurzgrubber both machines are of the
fictitious (“fictitious”) Agrifarm company. However, what the game pass
influenced in any instance.

The Gundmodelle were designed by Javier of kindly clearance to
Has been remodeling and for the DI position.
There were some little things rebuilt, replaced,
Skinn changed and added some.

To me at least it’s fun to play with it and maybe you like the one
some of you also.

Once already at this point, many thanks to the testers: fin50808 and Meyer123.
All the testers and for me it was complete. Set LOG free entry .. on different systems

And yes I know that there is an agricultural technology company which is called Agri Farm,
this has nothing to do with these mods or this “fictitious” business name furthermore
There are completely different company logos. So much for that.

Is before whined again by some people …
Invites you to the mod just not down if you do not want to have it. ! ! !

And let me this time Please spared from PN’s folgestopfft with pseudo-knowledge,
are realistic because of something like this and you play with the mods so far away
of reality as anything …

Makes it easy as a large part of the Communtity invites you a mod plays it down
and have fun with it or let it stay simple.

Enough to do so and have fun with the mod’s

It is a. Rar file.
So until then paste it in the Modsordner unzip and have fun!



Grubber : Urmod von JAVIER 007 / edit LS13 : BTS – Butters Tunning Schmiede
Scheibenegge : Urmod von JAVIER 007 / edit LS13 : BTS – Butters Tunning Schmiede
Rad / Reifen Kombinationen : schlueterfan1977 wie beim Claas Cargo..
Umbauten und Skinveränderungen für die Agrifarm Modelle : BTS – Butters Tunning Schmiede


Sven 777b; Desperados ; und derjenige der die Wheelparticel LUA geschrieben hat

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