Raven And URSUS Disc Harrows Set V2


Hi, I want to make two tillage equipment available to you today.
I have to make myself even as decided in the V1 of both a set of harrows.
The output model is the metal of nickel 77 wolf

The following little things have changed.:
from the Metal Wolf became a Raven and a harrow Ursus. The size has been adjusted, the machine is folded on the purchase and some other small items. Both Harrow now have a particle system.

This disc harrows set is not suitable for LOW PC’s dueof the particle system. . .

Man can exclude light but rather in the line in the. Xml then they run smoothly even on low PC ‘systems. . .

And yes I am aware that there are these devices so in reality, NOT the original but the look a little different! ! !

But it still makes me at least fun to play with it and maybe you like the one
some of you too! ! !

The set includes:
Rabe Field Bird by ~ Butters Tunnig forge
Ursus AS 33 ~ BFM by Butters Tunnig forge

All the testers as well as with us the complete run. Set LOG free entry .. on different systems

Is before whined again by some people …
Invites you to the mod just not down if you do not want to have it. ! ! !

Makes it easy as a large part of the Communtity invites you a mod plays it down
and have fun with it or let it stay simple.

Enough to do so and have fun with the mod’s

It is a. Rar file.
So until then paste it in the Modsordner unzip and have fun!



Rabe Field ~ Bird : Urmod Metalwolf von Nickel 77 / edit LS13 : BTS – Butters Tunning Schmiede
Ursus AS 33~BFM : Urmod Metalwolf von Nickel 77 / edit LS13 : BTS – Butters Tunning Schmiede Idee zum Skin.: Jabba42
Umbauten und Skinveränderungen für das Edden Set : BTS – Butters Tunning Schmiede


Original Giants Game script