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Big Polish Farm v 1.0

Big Polish Farm

Big Polish Farm

Big Polish Farm

Big Polish Farm

Big Polish Farm

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Welcome to the Big Polish farm where you can carry a large economy.

On the Map funkcionieren the Manure and Alternative Tipping mods, such as PDA Fix, No Colision Camera Mod Player Camera Mod, Custom info trigger, Water Mod v3 MapDoor trigger also. Diverse fields, terrain, new sky at night, more realistic textures and soil.

A big thank you.

Water Mod, PDA Fix: Marhu

Map Door Trigger: Matzep

Alternative Tipping: Xentro, Facebook, Katsuo

Custom trigger info: FSM team

Slurry manure mod (Manure Mod): TMT team

Multi Terrain: Petorious

Textures: zefir

Good game!



4.5/5 - (15 votes)


John Deere 6R Pack


Strimech FMP400


  1. kacper

    nudna mapa wole mape Rolne Klimaty

    • Anonymous

      gowno się znasz na Polskich mapach Kacper,mapa Big Polish Farm jest zajebioza,a Rolne Klimaty to sa do dupy,jak i twój zasrany krotki komentarz

  2. szymcio

    spoko mapa

  3. Anonymous

    il y a des gros beugs

  4. lol cool lol

    c cool mais on peut pas rénisialier :'(

  5. olopikolo

    to są pegery v2 xd

  6. Jarek

    Super mapa, czy są jeszcze inne mapy tych Twórców?

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