Strimech FMP400


The 1810kg hydraulically folding FMP400 silage fork measures a greedy 4.9m across its width, reducing to 2.9m for transport using two folding outer wing sections.

Machine Type
Folding Fork

Daily upkeep
8$ / day


It comes in three series:1. The I-series is for tractor handling or any machine that can handles implements.2. The F-series is for all the front-loaders.3. The H-series is for all the telehandlers.
Especially for the lighter machines you’ll need an extra weight to handle it.

The fork can handle only grass and maize(silage) and you must set it at its work position first.

For Modders:

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Idea: JHfarms
Model-Texture-Script: Mythos


SFMP400 by Mythos
Siloschaufel by Heady (

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