Claas cutter pack

The pack consists of:

Vario 1200 American version

Vario 1200 Claas green-white

Vario 900 American version

Claas Vario 900 green-white

Vario 750 American version

Claas Vario 750 green-white

All the reapers:

animation collection

Laser foldable (press “L”)

Adjustable reel (“N” key)


Store the images were adjusted

and the descriptions listed


Model: Maurer Matze

Ingame script: Defender

Special: Nubsi

LS 13 Ready: tiger1234
A big THANK YOU to tiger1234 I can upload the pack.
MP and SP ready

Log is clean
The file must be decompressed and contained the sixth zip files easily slide into the mod folder.
Planned for v2.0:
revised textures for the U.S. reapers. (Details etc.)

VARIO 1050 in Claas green-white

VARIO 1050 American version
So and now enjoy threshing and all a Happy 2013.