Moller bale and pallet trailers

I greet you

Here is a Möller bales and pallet trailer with UBT scripts.

Basic Model: Gnescher
Model Expansion: FUSEL
UBT scripts (pallets): Steve007

This trailer loads and unloads automatically wool bales and pallets.
These are aufgesamelt soon si within range of the trailer and the trailer are being set correctly for the particular load.
Men can also load pallets and bales with a front loader and then align with the trailer and secure.
Can Entgeladen each: Left, Right, Back and on the trailer.

the trailer has a clutch back, it can allso be coupled together more.

can be loaded:
– Small piece 174 bales
– Normal bales (Giant) 58 Piece
– Large bales piece 22
– Wool pallets 12 pieces

– Trailers must be unloaded before end of game.
– Small bales should be beneficial half discharged directly into a trigger because the game could get with so many problems moving part.
– The Wollpalleten MUST be manually removed from the plate in the pasture, man, this must NOT directly to the trailer auladen otherwise spawn no more new pallets.

Otherwise everything is actually zimlich said.
If you find errors and factual criticism hatt let me know and leave a comment diligently.
Motzer and the same may I slip down the hump.

Eventual V2 will see a bridge with greater and more axles for ultimate ball transport.



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