Claas Dominator 85

Claas Dominator 85

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Claas Dominator 85 V3

In collaboration with Mikal / BlackyBPG & Eribus I would now like to offer you the Claas Dominator 85 in the V3.

It lies rather in the lower price segment ,

it comes with a 4.5M cutter , a Claas 6-75 6Reihen corn pickers and pallet own oil brand Castrol Classic XL .

That makes him the perfect choice to start playing old school or on maps.

In contrast to the old V2 by Mikal lot has changed . The thresher has been almost completely rebuilt and offers a wealth of new features / changes to the model and much more.

Thus was the first time the graphics bug fixed in the rear, it has many animated parts , as well as both cutting plants. A grain tank to open … even the snail in the grain tank itself was animated.

Animated windscreen wipers when it rains , an analog level display in the cab , Animated fittings , pulleys / PTO , new particle systems , real cam , real mirrors and much more. Round off the whole . Moreover it is equipped with an oil change .

I have tried in many ways to make the Dominator as realistic as possible , so for example . the grain tank unloading rate at a volume of 4000L with 44.6Litern quite slow . It then takes ever 90 seconds.

HOWEVER , I have also written the Dominator85.XML as user friendly as possible.

What do you where , how and must change , is

I think that everyone gets to think a bit and possibly a few tutorials out quickly to make desired adjustments.

A couple facts :

# Grain tank capacity : 4000 liters

# Max speed : 30 km / h

# Recommended Operating speed: 8-9 km / h


# Drescher : 40.500LS € # header: # 7.250LS € Maispflücker : 8.800LS € # OIL : 1.250LS €

PolyCounts :

# Drescher : 52,657 # header: # 7,112 Maispflücker : 6678 # OIL : 8,716

VRAM consumption :

# Drescher : 33.25MB # header: 5.06MB # Maispflücker : 4.90MB # OIL : 1.22MB

A detailed list of all the features and support on issues in the



The draw animation on the cutting adapted to the texture pack of ” Forgotten Plants -by Eribus ” .

So that it fits together visually , I recommend you necessarily also download the package .

Link :

The thresher has already installed the MF Plan to prepare for multi- fruit, and these are already eigetragen also in the dominator.XML . To “activate” to this simple in the beginning and at the end the following characters removal .

The whole thing is LogFehlerFrei , was both in SP and MP in getestet.Recht Many thanks to the testers .

Furthermore, my thanks to the scripters and of course the Urmodder Mikal , who has also been tested with diligent applies .


UrModder: Mikal
Giants / Mikal / Marc85
Reifen Hinten: Unkown


Mikal / Marc85 / Eribus
Usedlook Details and finish: Eribus
FruitAnim Textures: Eribus
Farmer Textur: MrSkinner


Giants / FreesoundsOrg / Marc85 (Editing)

LUA / Scripts:

Sven777b / Alex2009 / BlackyBPG / Manuel Leithner / Knagsted / JoXXer / Amarlich / Webby / Xentro / Templaer / Modelleicher

SP-MP Test:

Beul89 / Moh112 / Mikal / Veit / Marc1455 / BlackyBPG / Timber131 / Trabby76 / Eribus / ToxicCrow / Meyer123

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