Rhönmap V3.1 with cattle and pig breeding.

Hi, this is the Rhoenmap V3 with hilly landscapes and large Hoefen.Es is a modded standard card according to my ideas . The cow and sheep pastures are placed at the yard. Pig is possible on both courtyards , cattle above the beer garden. All silos and unloading points. For the standard fruits are in halls untergebracht.Es are several abbreviations to quickly to come.

Unloading are mill , brewery , garden center , railway station, Berghof , beer garden, country store , sugar factory, Gaststaette and BGAs . All animals should be supplied with water, then the production is higher. The Wollpalletten collected on runways around you are not constantly being forced to leave .

As usual, almost all the fields already switched to this card free and for the most part with fruit versehen.Also you can immediately go to the full and enjoy the country life .
The launch vehicles are selected so that you can get started right away . There are two BGA `s Spinning for your wool is placed in the village next to the farm. Pigs and cattle can be sold at the country store and restaurant .

Pigs and cattle have also just like the other animals with various types of food , water and straw supplied , so new animals are produced. These can then sell .

At the beginning of the breeding you should buy a few animals in the shop , which are then fed to produce.

Places for the greenhouses and the placeable mixing station are available

Compared to the V2 , there are still a few small changes such as the WoolPalettCollector etc. , but see for yourself !

Have fun with the V 3 …
Rhon your farmer ! ! !
ps: is still rotting off

What mods are needed:

– PDA fix of Marhu

– A cattle trailer for sale of animals

– A water trailer for Watermod of Marhu

Patch 2.0 is required

At this point I would like all the modders whose objects are installed here sincerely thank and whom you can not be mentioned by name !



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