District Of Luneburg

District Of Luneburg

District Of Luneburg

District Of Luneburg

District Of Luneburg

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Information to the map:

Construction three months
Has two courtyards
railway station
Small village
A river and a lake
pig farm
No error log

Information from Lüneburg:

Lüneburg is located in the north-east of Lower Saxony, embedded in the beautiful landscape between Heath and Elbe. The Lüneburg Heath Nature Park is located just outside the city.

The predominantly flat landscape with its rivers, forests and meadows invites to numerous activities, whether cycling, watching horseback riding, canoeing, animals and much more – will not be bored here. Lüneburg is a hub for numerous local and long distance cycling. The Elbe, the river Ilmenau and many other waters invite you to paddle tours, boat trips or jumping into the cool water, and in the heath makes it not only during the flowering heather gorgeous hiking, walking or riding

The Lüneburg country is characterized by typical local villages, forests, marshes and floodplains. Nature Middle vacation is no stranger

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