Ursus 1224 turbo

1224 Warsaw Ursus is produced in a heavy tractors from 1984 to 2009 of ZM “Ursus”. Tan specific ezgzemplarz left the factory in 1991 and worked on the farm with an area of about 160 hectares. In 1996, the home-made turbine was installed without increasing the amount of fuel that has been linked to the tractor power, about 135-140 hp, it does not take much as Ursus 1614 at the same time perfect for the heaviest work in the field .


Modell: Spinah, Marcello1942
In game: Lechu, Ziuta
Skrypt: Lechu, Ziuta, Sven777b
Vielen dank für Hilfe Modelleicher

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