Fruit Cabbage

Other parts of:? If you find something, please notify us.
Converted as well as I could (I’m not a Provider) about Google SketchUp, Blender, GIANTS Editor 5.0.1.

The textures are for people who build the maps, so there are more types of fruit
and the fields are more colorful.

The pack included:

For the experts (smart aleck).
You need to install a fruit in the first only a Texture Map
with four growth stages and who has to stop the rot rotting
all other layers are present, when it differently from a distance
should look like, this layer must be separately installed to stop.
And the number, height, width can be set in the layer and not the texture.
And that will not be harvested with a thresher, because you used the grains 🙂

How to integrate the stuff there is indeed a guide.
“New fruits for LS 13 v 1.0” Bummi of Brum

Screenschots made on Two_Rivers_LS13.
The Screenschots are now not as good as I only have a bad line 3000
and a little look at the data size, otherwise the upen takes forever.

No you can not drive yourself, I can not even make mobile,
I have no idea of, you can not know everything.

So now the LS sheriffs write again does not belong to LS,
but please quote the paragraph in which the stands.

On other pages, please include the original download link.

I forbid anyone to use the mods on, or built or improved in a map

to reinstate ansonten makes it so no sense to me, the offer here?

Would be just nice of you to call me in the credits.

And now have fun with LS and the mods.

‘s All about fun, or I missed something??


Basic model of New Fruit Hud v 1.1
Models: El Loco

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